Renee is an excellent teacher with a great style and ability to connect with her students and meet them where they are on their mats. Having trained with some of the best teachers in the Northeast, she has effortlessly carried her training, positivity and techniques to create a class that is uniquely all her own. Highly recommended.
— Sean L.

Before I started taking lessons with Renee, I knew absolutely nothing about yoga, and was a bit intimidated by the prospect of just launching straight into a group class. I took some of her private lessons, and they are well worth the money. She explains everything clearly and makes you feel comfortable and at ease, even when you feel like you’re looking foolish. I highly recommend beginners and advanced yoga folks alike to take some lessons with her.
— Anonymous

Renee has a gift. As someone who has dealt with scoliosis, Renee’s expertise and gentleness as a teacher helped me reach perfect alignment in my poses that I could not achieve in group classes... Highly recommended - do not miss out on working with Renee, especially if you are someone new to yoga or dealing with musculoskeletal difficulties. She is sensitive to her clients’ needs of any kind and can offer you just the type of yoga for you.
— Maia N.

{Yoga Connection} was hired by my place of employment to provide yoga classes once a week, on site at our company. I’ve been attending for a few months now. This is my first time doing yoga and I am inspired by my progression. I feel more flexible, and stronger in a pretty short time. You really can’t put a price on increasing your range of motion, health and mental well being.
— Thomas W.

I am a woman in her late 60’s. During this first year of practicing Yoga I’ve learned it’s benefits but also to approach it with necessary caution. Renee became my teacher after I’d been practicing for several months. Under her gentle but intense guidance I experienced confidence and growth. I highly recommend her!
— Mary D.